Russian Cuisine

Main dishes

1-1,2 kg pork
500 g spinach
200 g dill
1 onion
1-2 heads garlic
1-2 handful onion peel
black peppercorns to taste
salt to taste

Cut the pork into wide flat slices, place the slices on the table flesh-side up. Sprinkle with salt and pepper all over the pork. Rinse the greens, chop them finely and place over the slices. Then tightly roll up the slices into roulettes. Bind the roulettes with coarse threads or tightly cover them with a clean gauze/cloth. In a bowl, combine water, onion peel, a large onion and 8-10 black peppercorns. Bring the mixture to the boil. Place the roulettes into the boiling mixture, reduce the heat to Low and boil for about 2 hours. Remove the roulettes, roll in crushed garlic combined with ground black pepper. Place the roulettes between 2 boards, press down with something heavy and refrigerate. Serve cold.

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  Gouryevskaya Kasha

1 c semolina
2 1/2 c milk
2 tb butter
2 tb sugar
2 c dense cream
2/3 c nuts
2 c canned fruits
1/2 c sugar
1/2 ea lemon,vanilla,salt

Take a not very deep pan. Put cream (must be dense) into the hot oven. As soon as there is a pink skin on the cream, take it carefully away on the plate. Be careful not to tear. Do it until you have 6-7 skins. Boil a viscous kasha (mush) on milk. Add butter, sugar (2 tb), vanilla, salt and mix very well. Put kasha into the oven to warm up for 30 minutes. Add the rest of baked cream to kasha. Nuts caramelizing: nuts must be caramelized otherwise kasha will be grey and not have a very good taste. Nuts must be tempered (fired) at first. Then put in a very hot water for 10 minutes. After that take the skins off and dry and chop them. Put sugar (1/2 c) in the pan on the heat, add lemon juice, wait until red colour and add nuts. As soon as nuts are caramelized, take them out and let cool down. Prepare a baking form. Grease it with butter. Put a little kasha as first layer, then a skin and nuts, chopped canned fruits. Repeat it until all the skins are used. The last layer is made of kasha. Decorate with sugar, fruits and nuts and put the form into the hot oven for 10-20 minutes. Gouryevskaya Kasha is served with apricot puree or any fruit juice

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  “Cold Krinitsa”

¾ cup of coffee
102 tablespoons of cream
sugar to taste

Make black coffee, strain it, and add sugar. Serve it cold with cold cream or lemon slices in glasses or cups.

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