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  Russian Astrology / Horoscop of Druids

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  Quick, lively, sociable. They look very placid but this is just an outward impression. Delicate and sensitive, they tend to be always melancholy and depressed, disappointed and prejudiced. They find consolation in their love for children and remain childlike till the end. Attracted by beauty and grace, which influences their mood. All that is ugly, clumsy or rough makes them sick. It is hard to have stable relationship with these people. Their constant demand for refinement is often far from everyday life.
  "Willow" people are beautiful, melancholic and artistic. They think themselves not properly understood or recognized. Moody. Mysterious. Religious. Neat. Have an inclination towards narcissism. Sentimental. Capricious. Demanding. Often suffering in their love life.
  A strong personality with independent opinions. Gifted. Educated. Intelligent. "Fig" people do not seem very outstanding from the first sight but they somehow attract one's attention. They look for warmth and comfort, which makes one sympathize with them. Generous. If conditions do not match their expectations, they get miserable and heart-sick. They do not like loneliness and always need understanding and caring, especially from the side of their relatives. They can create an atmosphere of tension and injury. However, they themselves do not take it too much to heart. In love and business they are unsophisticated, diligent and artless. Family-loving. Hearty with children and animals.
  These people are not easy to single out of a crowd. Their qualities are revealed gradually. They tend to be diplomatic, which makes them rather agile and elusive. Outwardly, they try to be just and in fact possess this quality but combined with the animal nature inside, which is well hidden behind self-control as well as a lively and creative mind. It is important for them to hide their inner world. They do not try to attract or charm people. True love comes to them only once in their lifetime, however, they can find a partner easily. Their marriages are hard and rarely happy. In married life they are loyal, inventive and reasonable. They either reach certain heights or fight with obstacles the whole life.
  "Cedar" people produce a strong impression on others combining power of mind and body. High demands to themselves and to other people. Extremely high ambitions. A very keep sense of rhythm and harmony. These people are brave, generous and creative - always an example for others. They have a sound health and their illnesses are mostly of a casual and not very serious kind. They love to shine. Very choosy and particular, they are demanding in their love life and can look for the right person for a long time, sometimes for the whole life. Friendship with "cedar" people brings much energy and joy. Winning other people's hearts, a cedar suffers losing himself. They are self-confident and make others respect them. Musically and creatively gifted.
Pages:  12 3 4 5