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  Russian Astrology / Horoscop of Druids

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  Harsh, self-aware people, never plain or natural. They lack courage and resolution, but this only makes them more dignified. Their decisions are unexpected and absolutely unpredictable. They like to make things seem more complicated and can impose their will on others. Capricious and willful, they can give either a lot of good or a lot of bad. Severe and merciless with others. Highly ambitious. Never accepting compromises. Broad-minded with an all-round education. Elegant. Constant in love and business.
  Severe beauty. Conservative. Noble. Refined. A very strong sense of honor and dignity. Inclination towards whims and loneliness. Tend to be ascetic but at the same time they are drawn to antiquity. Demanding, obstinate, they expect sacrifice from other people's side. Very conscientious. They have many friends as well as enemies. Loyal and reliable. Proud. Ambitious. In love, they are never satisfied enough. Solving their own problems and those of other people is their main way of existence. Sensitivity bordering on mysticism. Diligence bordering on asceticism. Their motto: the harder, the better. They live a very long life but can occasionally fall ill.
  These are people of high self-control. They are cheerful and elegant. It feels good and comfortable to be with them. Affable, reliable, and natural. As the circumstances get more complicated, they become more generous. It is very hard to tell what they feel inside. For every single thing they would blame themselves alone. They get ready to face difficulties gradually, knowing their place in life. Calm and tolerant in love and business relationships. They love passionately and ardently changing their partners quite often. Their quality of being sociable makes their life both less and more complicated. They tend to be philosophic, and display artistic talents. Having delicate and slender appearance, they nevertheless are strong and in a way even tough.
  Pine people can attract and at the same time disgust others. Their style of life is that of an attack. They are drawn to refinement, which sometimes borders on snobbism because of the tendency to be too demanding of themselves and, to a larger degree, of others. Being very flexible, they can easily adapt themselves to the circumstances. They like comfort and company of nice people. Courage bordering on boldness. Practical. They like difficulties. In love and friendship they appreciate respect in the first place. Beyond compare in self-defense.
  The qualities of people born in the poplar period are as follows: they are often too dependant on others, too sensitive and vulnerable with the fear of diseases and old age. They tend to orient themselves more to defense than to active life. Generous, sometimes demonstrative. They care more about the outward impression. Poplar people are courageous and proud, which is a good thing in a life-and-death situation but is quite out of place in everyday life. Unbalanced and vulnerable in matters of love and friendship. Seldom satisfied. Suspicious. They lack self-confidence but can give support when someone is in trouble. Capricious. Very choosy and particular.
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