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  Russian Astrology / Horoscop of Druids

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  A cypress loves being among his relatives. He is absolutely wonderful company being both refined and easy to talk with. These are highly moral people, which is best revealed in a difficult situation. Friendship with "cedar" people makes one more dignified. They are very trusty friends and loyal lovers although love relationships may be not very stable. From the first impression they seem to be selfish, but this is a wrong impression. They are true to themselves and live a long life without much trouble. Cedars are normally very strict bosses but unsystematic in their work.
  Maple people are always interesting. They cannot be described as "good" or "bad". They love experiments. Extravagant. A little indecisive and weak. If you talk to them openly, they can be very bright and inventive. Smart. Quick-witted. They are never lonely but always very independent. Proud and touchy, they can often be cynical. Cedar people are very sophisticated in their love life although they always manage to make people respect or even fear them.
  Lime people are unsophisticated, calm and hard-working. They always create the feeling of comfort and peace. Practical. They never complain and attract troubled and concerned people. Outwardly, they produce an impression of weak-willed, passive, and boring people but they in fact are very reliable, successful, and sociable. They are loved and respected by others. Very determined but at the same time quite flexible. They are not so lucky in love, being jealous and envious.
  Charming, reasonable, attentive to others. They are even-tempered and not jealous accepting the partner's right for freedom, even to their own disadvantage. Olive people have the gift of deep thinking. They love reading and are very sociable. They also like smart people and can bring happiness and comfort into the house.
  This is a sophisticated and gifted nature. These people are very sensitive, willful and capricious. They can be either good friends or dangerous enemies. Life with them can be very difficult. They are hard to please and dangerous not to please, very energetic in family life and business, but sometimes can be rather aggressive. They are ready to sacrifice both themselves and their dearest people. Very determined. Perfect intuition. Modest and inconspicuous, they manage to influence other people's decisions and reach their goals using their personal charm. They are friendly with those around them, sociable, smart, educated, and intelligent.
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