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  Russian Astrology / Horoscop of Druids

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  These people are hearty and generous but cannot be controlled. If you deprive them of care and love, life loses its meaning for them. They are aimed at bearing fruit. Practical. Sentimental. Sexy. Very charming in their favorable years, they become less open at quite unfavorable periods. They prefer to live this particular day rather than dream of tomorrow. Susceptible to illnesses. They lead an active interesting life being curious, intellectually gifted, broad minded, optimistic and self-affirmed. Loyal friends. If they are satisfied with their married life, they always remain faithful.
  Slender and elegant. Easygoing. They demand special attention and care from others. Independent and proud, ash-tree people reach the set goal very easily. In case of failure, they move backwards and choose to remain in shadow. These people take any trouble lightly, which makes an impression of foolishness and eccentricity. Life with them can be very hard. Ambitious. Witty. Far-sighted and cautious, they can weigh all pros and cons and combine love and reason in their married life. They are often loved by the partner and faithful in love.
Pages:  2 3 45